5 December 2016

L'Atelier by Polette - protective eyewear

 Hi all!

Christmas is on it's way and I'm really feeling the festive cheer this year! Last year was a bit of a chaotic mess as we got back from a 4 month exchange trip in Canada on Christmas morning- there was a lot we missed out on so Summer & I are really making the most out of every moment this time!

We have a collaboration post and review to share with you all today! French eyewear brand Polette contacted us and told us all about their e-polette collection, which consists of a wide range of glasses designed to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light of computer screens. 

Whether I'm at work or creating content for the blog, working on a computer takes up a large chunk of my day. It's unavoidable- our lives are dominated by technology. Not counting those nightly scrolls down my Instagram feed, I could be staring at a screen for up to 6 hours a day- and then there's those binge-filled week-ends on Netflix... Facing those blood-shot eyes in the mirror every other night has become commonplace. Not to mention that the winter weather usually drives us to spend more time indoors watching films & television! 

So it's all a bit worrying isn't it?! I didn't give it much thought until I got the glasses; I do spend a worrying amount of time on my phone or laptop, my eyes are constantly putting up with this blue light. Since we received the glasses I've been wearing my pair when I'm on my phone or when I'm blogging- I didn't want to just blindly write an article about them without having tested the glasses beforehand (We're very strict on this- we will always be honest in our reviews).

It's been a couple of weeks, and Summer & I have both been wearing the glasses. I've noticed a big difference when I wear them late evening/night, just before I go to bed- I have a horrible habit of holding my phone only inches from my face when I'm catching up on the day's tweets and updates late at night or early in the morning. The glasses act as a shield and my eyes definitely don't feel as sore or strained, especially after a long day. It doesn't help that my eyes are often sore from wearing contact lenses for hours on end, so any bit of relief is welcome.

Polette's e-polette range offers a variety of glasses that aim to block artificial light and blue rays emitted by computer & smartphone screens. As you can see in the pictures, the lenses give off a blue glare when they catch the light! We were both impressed by the quality of the glasses, the frames and the lenses. The prices are also surprisingly decent- I have paid so, so much for a decent pair of glasses in the past, but there really are some lovely choices on the Polette website with so many different styles, whether it's fashion lenses, prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Holly is wearing the Polette e-dean in silver, a minimalist frame which not only gives off Harry Potter vibes (James Potter of course) but is also the perfect fashion accessory of the moment, as seen on style icons Emily Ratajkowski & Kendall Jenner. There is some small detailing on the bridge of the nose, the perfect little touch to the otherwise minimal glasses. 

Summer is wearing the Polette e-olivia in pink. These glasses definitely give off a more vintage Barb-from-Stranger-Things vibe, with a thicker clear transparent frame which is tinted pink. I love the fact that the frame is transparent, as it gives the overall look a softer feel whilst still making a style statement! I also struggle with makeup when wearing glasses, whereas with these ones I feel like I could still wear eyeliner and have thicker brows without it appearing too 'crowded'. These glasses also come in Burgundy & Blue too, so you can choose whichever color speaks to you the most!

I honestly would recommend this brand- I was genuinely impressed at the quality of the frames, and anything that offers that extra bit of protection is more than welcome.

Big thankyou to Pauline at Polette! Hope you enjoyed the review, if you do have any questions about the lenses just ask in the comments and we'll get back to you.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!

Holly  x

Instagram: hollyxread, summerr.read

P.S: Big thankyou to Gramps for lending us this camera!

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