8 December 2016

Floral Green Bodysuit

 I'm surprised I managed to get any pictures this day - after wandering around for a location we ended up in our usual spot, and the wind decided to pick up and make things a little tricky!
In other news, I finally found a new belt! Our cousin Lily took us into Stradivarius on Oxford Street when we met up a few weeks ago, and only one remained at only 6 pounds too! Belts make such a huge difference to any outfit, there are so many combos in my wardrobe I simply haven't wanted to wear because I felt like I couldn't do the look justice without one. 

This Zara floral green bodysuit is gorgeous - albeit a little risky, when walking it constantly requires adjusting due to the front design. I wouldn't recommend wearing it if it's windy, either. I paired it with this corduroy a-line skirt, which always looks better with a belt. This is also the first time I'm wearing my new Vagabond boots with tights! I've had them for a few weeks now & I'm so happy with the fit and feel of them, they haven't rubbed at all which is incredible as I usually have to wear them in at home for weeks! I finished the outfit off with Holly's new Zara masculine coat & suede city bag.

Summer wears:

green floral bodysuit : zara
corduroy a-line skirt: zara
masculine wool coat: zara
suede city bag: zara
belt: stadivarius
ankle boots: vagabond

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