19 December 2016

Embroidered floral mesh dress by Dezzal

Who's to say florals are only for autumn or spring? I personally wear floral print the whole year round. Dresses however, are something I very rarely wear in the winter. Despite keeping an eye out for midi dresses during the a/w season, I usually end up wearing tons of midi skirts instead. This floral lace embroidered mesh dress by Dezzal is a perfect for evening wear or a special occasion.

 The embroidery is so beautifully detailed and great quality too, which makes a huge difference to the overall feel of the dress. The length is a little longer than I expected, arriving just below the knees but gorgeous none the less. I was genuinely surprised at how well the dress fit too, on the website they offer precise measurements so you have a relatively good idea of how it will fit. I always struggle finding dresses or jumpsuits that aren't tight around the chest area and that fit around the waist. The a-line fit enables the material to fall in a really flattering way, enhancing not only your waist line and back, but your lower legs, creating a graceful silhouette.

I have to say it felt strange to be wearing such a lovely dress as I haven't worn one for months but also because I don't own any other fancy (for lack of a better word) dresses! I wore tights and ankle boots for this look, but if you were wearing it for a special occasion you could easily dress it up a little with some heels. If I were going out, I would forget the tights and stick with my khaki mary janes from Zara and maybe even do a nice up do with my hair. (Maybe.) I decided to wear this masculine wool coat and bag from Zara for a more casual feel as I wasn't going out anywhere. It would definitely be the perfect summer day dress, I can imagine myself wearing it to a garden party!

Summer x

Summer wears the Zyym floral embroidered mesh a-line dress from Dezzal (here!).
Dezzal also have a special Christmas promotion going on, so be sure to check it out here!

What are your thoughts on this dress? Let me know! x


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