11 December 2016

A Day At Kew Gardens, London

The hustle and bustle of any city is enough to overwhelm anyone. Luckily most cities offer several parks ranging in different sizes, and London is no exception.

The Kew Royal Botanical Gardens is a short train ride from Central London, costing only 8 pounds per adult for entry. The huge park has several attractions, some of which are open throughout the year, however a number close for the winter months so be sure to check before going!

We went one morning and spent several hours wandering around the park, visiting the different conservatories such as the Waterlily House, the stunning Palm House and many other attractions. The weather was beautiful that day, with a clear sky and sunshine the entire time which definitely made the experience even better. Here is a little round-up of pictures taken there in November!

  • The Palm House

  •  The Waterlily House

  •  Davies Alpine House

  •  The Princess Of Wales Conservatory

  •  The Rock Garden

  • The Treetop Walkway

  •  The Gardens


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