19 November 2016

Waterlily House in Kew Gardens

Every now and then, we come across a place that is so beautiful & peaceful that a for a short while our minds simply switch off, so we can fully appreciate the beauty surrounding us. Places that appear to have come from Narnia or a fantasy world so distant we can barely believe it's real. 
After a politically eventful year full of fear and uncertainty, it's nice to know there are places like this that exist, untainted by the viscous hatred that continues to bury it's claws in our world.  Places where all people are welcome, where we can come together and admire earths beauty & wonders.

A beautiful conservatory named the Waterlily House in Kew Gardens is a small haven. The strong humidity required for the growth of nature's most precious plants clings to your skin and fogs up the camera lenses. The only sound is that of small water drops falling from the glass ceiling, creating little ripples in the black shallow water of the pond. The large circular waterlilies appear so magical, as if a fairy could be sitting on the edge of one. The glass conservatory offers stunning natural light, a noticeable contrast to the black water, not to mention the stunning architecture.

A number of attractions in Kew Gardens are closed during the winter months, but we were lucky this one was being kept open for a little longer than usual! A beautiful, peaceful place difficult to photograph because of the humidity, but I still was able to capture it's beauty. We went at the beginning of the day and at the end of our trip when it was empty, allowing us to take our time admiring all the different plants. There's something so peaceful about this conservatory, definitely worth a visit when it reopens in the warmer months!

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