1 November 2016

The mom jeans

These mom jeans are by far my best investment to date. I bought them in Zara for about 30 euros- which is a bargain, considering they usually cost around 40-45 euros in other stores! I really believe every person have a pair of mom jeans in their wardrobe: for starters, they can be worn at any time of the year. Perfect for chilly evenings during the summer time and frosty mornings in autumn. I have to admit, I'm not actually a huge fan of jeans: trying to style jeans that aren't black or skinny is a huge challenge for me, and I'm much more comfortable in skirts. Yet, I fell in love with these. I HATE trying on new jeans or trousers, I really do, I avoid it at all times. But Summer is always on the lookout for a good pair of jeans: which works out perfectly as I can see what they will look like on me and we can split the price. Benefits of being twins right?! 
I know quite alot of the time mom jeans can look unflattering, especially in pictures, and that always made me wary of them. You really just need to find the right pair. 

I love how they look laid-back but not scruffy- I can still dress them up for work with a smart blouse and some heels (and be comfortable!) or I could opt for a more relaxed look with a plain tee. Tie it all together with a good waist belt (something I'm obviously still lacking) and you're ready for anything!

Holly x

 Holly is wearing: 

Grey jumper: H&M (link here)
Mom jeans: Zara (link here)
Khaki green cross body-bag with scarf detail: Zara (link here)
Heeled ankle-boots: Topshop
Black suede biker jacket: Mango


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