16 November 2016

The green biker jacket

Well this has been a god awful year hasn't it?! I tend to avoid discussing any political issues on here, sticking instead to twitter or Instagram- but when something so huge (and disturbing) happens which will no doubt affect countries worldwide I don't like to stay silent. As the future leaders of our countries we have to get involved and educate ourselves, otherwise we'll never move forward. For all those at risk in America (women, immigrants, LGBTQ+ community, disabled people, people of colour, Muslims) I hope you stay safe, that you know this dangerous ideology will never win. I felt the need to share this on here as I know I have American readers, they have to know that we (I think I speak for the huge majority of the young people in the UK and Europe here) do not share the horrific ideals of a fascist, racist and misogynistic pig. 
As useless at it seems, we have to get back on with our lives and focus what we can do, being good and kind to others, fighting for what is right and continuing to do what we love and enjoy.

So.. back to this outfit. (A terrible transition, I know.)

I really wish it was still warm enough to wear this! I'm seriously struggling to dress for this colder weather. Although I do now have a good excuse to get some proper winter wear.. That's one thing to look forward to!
This is the only suede item I own- I bought it two years ago in Mango for about 110 euros- It was my first big purchase, so I like to make sure I wear it as often as I can! The problem is I only wear it when I'm guaranteed good weather- I don't want to risk it getting ruined in the rain. 
The other slight problem with this jacket is the fit: it fits me perfectly, but I for one don't like that stuffed-sausage feeling you get when you're wearing a jumper with a fitted jacket, so I tend to only wear it with thin tops that won't feel too bulky. I also associate this outfit with a character from one of my fave book series, Clary Fray The Mortal Instruments. I read the books at the perfect moment in my life and I love how I can still relate to them even though I'm so much older. 

Holly x

Holly is wearing: 

high-waisted a-line corduroy skirt: Zara
green suede biker jacket: Mango
Top with geometric print: Zara
khaki off the shoulder bag: Zara
black ankle boots: Topshop


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