24 November 2016

Houndstooth Print Culottes

 Blogging in November is challenging. Here I stand, wearing a sheer blouse, the cold brisk air numbing my fingers and nose, the only thought running through my head is how much I'm going to enjoy that cup of tea once we've finished! I only wore this outfit for the shoot and haven't been out in it properly yet, but luckily I have a few ideas of how to layer the different pieces to fight the cold. Tights under the culottes, socks over the tights, a long sleeve top or thin jumper beneath the blouse. 

Winter wardrobes tend to be of a darker color palette. Blacks and grays usually dominate mine, however this year I've added a few lighter colors to brighten up the gloomy days. Mustard colored blouses, burgundy jumpers and dusty pink bodysuits (not to mention cute bright fluffy socks, life's too short for plain ones). 

The houndstooth print culottes is amongst the newest additions to my wardrobe, they fit perfectly and I love that the belt is detached so you can always use another one instead. I borrowed this gorgeous mustard color floral blouse from Holly. I loved playing with proportions with this look and clashing prints to make it a little more interesting. Also, these boots. My new love. I've been eyeing them for sooo long now and when they arrived they were even better than I hoped they would be! I chose them because they are slightly higher that most ankle boots, offering a beautiful silhouette (they are difficult to take off though!) which is perfect for keeping feet and ankles warm during the winter.

Summer x

Summer wears:
floral flowy blouse: zara
houndstooth print culottes: zara
marja ankle boots: vagabond
convertable backpack/handbag: zara

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