13 November 2016

Dusty pink bodysuit

I tried this Zara dusty pink bodysuit on multiple times before deciding to buy it here in London- I didn't feel comfortable wearing my usual size S, as I found the material quite restricting over my shoulders and arms (ah the joy of having broad shoulders right?) and the size S just wasn't flattering at all over my chest. I bought a similar green body-suit from Zara a couple of weeks ago which probably persuaded me to give this one another shot! 

I find that I really have to try on different sizes in some stores as the sizes are all over the place- a xS Mango top will be too big when a S Zara blouse will be too small! Needless to say when buying a bodysuit it's definitely worth trying on the same piece in different sizes. 

The only problem with this outfit? The extra fabric of the bodysuit can bunch up just under the high-waisted skirt (as seen above)- creating a bit of bumpy shadow on the waistline. Not too much of a problem if you make sure you're body-suit is properly fitted (an easy task thanks to the elasticated bottom half of the suit) and the extra fabric is pulled over the top of the skirt. I'll be sure to properly adjust it next time! 

This entire outfit is new in from Zara: I needed a more suitable bag which wouldn't be as big and bulky as my old backpack. I saw this one online and LOVED the look of it: I also love that it's convertible: it can easily shift between a over-the-shoulder bag for a night out, or a practical back-pack for a day out exploring the city. It also comes with a removable scarf detail which I removed for this outfit as I thought the colours didn't match up. 

Although I've been sporting more structured items, I still prefer to wear high-waisted skirts and jeans- it flatters my body shape and it's so comfortable! All these factors are embodied in this pleated midi skirt: also from Zara, the slightly shimmery light-reflecting fabric captures the eye and works with a huge variety of other fabrics, making it a super versatile piece. I often struggle to style long skirts in the winter as they don't always look good with tights, but because of the shiny nature of this fabric I'm confident that this skirt will really work even in the harsh winter months. 

I've noticed a shift in my wardrobe recently, I've found myself veering towards 'louder' pieces with more dimension and color- quite a step up when you think that most of my wardrobe is composed of grey and black pieces. This is probably due to the fact that I'm just starting a new chapter in my life, and I felt the need to upgrade my wardrobe!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Holly x

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Holly is wearing:

dusty pink printed bodysuit: Zara (link here)
pleated midi skirt: Zara (link here)
masculine coat: Zara (link here)
mary-janes: Zara (link here)
convertible backpack with scarf detail: Zara (link here)

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