3 November 2016

Cropped Culottes

Strange to think that the time this post is published, it will probably be too cold for this outfit! As much as I'd like to think that I'd wear culottes throughout the winter, I probably won't (unless I find more weather appropriate ankle boots!)

I kind of threw this outfit together one day, a cosy cropped knit jumper with my blue navy cropped culottes. These culottes are the most flared ones I have, there is so much fabric that it can be tough to balance the outfit out. I also struggle with the color, I usually strictly stick with navy + black or navy + white combo, but decided to risk it a little and pair it with a dark grey knit jumper. 

The knit is the comfiest, coziest one I own. The flared sleeves and high neck are perfect for fighting the chill and feeling all snug! This was also the last time I wore my suede ankle boots this year, not exactly weather appropriate especially for north London! Not the most figure flattering outfit but definitely one of the coziest!

Summer x

 Summer wears:

navy blue culottes : Zara
grey cropped jumper : Zara
box bag : Asos
suede ankle boots : Mango

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