22 October 2016

Wardrobe Staples Wishlist

I've been in a bit of a style rut lately. I seem to have nothing to wear despite having zero space in my wardrobe. I feel like this happens once or twice a year. After going through my wardrobe and thinking about why I'm struggling to put together outfits, I realized that the answer was wardrobe staples. You know what I'm talking about. The idea that you should have these 5 pieces in your wardrobe that you will always wear, the pieces that you can always rely on. I like to think that my style is a combination of my wardrobe staples, pieces that have stayed with me through different seasons, whilst incorporating the latest fashion trends that I love. However, lately it seems that I'm in need of a few new staples, enabling me to put together outfits that I've been wanting to wear for some time now.

I believe in wardrobe investments. Spending a bit of money every now & then on a few items that will no doubt last me several years or more. Pieces that will go with whatever new fashion trend on the horizon. Here are a few pieces I'm hoping to get my hands on soon!


I've always had a pair of ankle boots in my wardrobe as they go with anything and everything! I have some suede ones that aren't good for the winter, and after being re-soled twice my beloved Topshop flat ones have finally retired. My Topshop heeled ones are beginning to feel a little...wobbly, which is no surprise given how often I've worn them! These beauties are on my list, and although I would to invest in some Vagabond ones I will probably go for the more realistic and affordable Zara ones!

stretch leather ankle boots - Zara
high heel ankle boots - Zara 
leather high heel ankle boots - Zara
Marja ankle boots - Vagabond


We all know trench coats are a wardrobe necessity and the most thought of wardrobe staple. Those who see me on a daily basis will know how often I wear my navy blue trench coat, however it doesn't always go with everything and often clashes with the color of my jeans or skirts. I've been on the hunt for a camel / beige trench for years and have never found the Castiel worthy one, you know? But I discovered this gem when I popped in to Zara in London one day and fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on. It's oversize and a lot longer than most trenches too, which makes it stand out a little. I haven't bought it yet as it's pricey but will hopefully buy it soon!

oversize trench coat - Zara



I've been wearing a lot of mom jeans recently but would love to have some cropped jeans in my wardrobe! I've always been a lover of skinny jeans (which I also need another pair of, oh dear) but I love how versatile cropped ones can be.

wedgie icon jeans in black - Levi's
wedgie icon jeans - Levi's
moto spiral hem straight leg jeans - Topshop
cropped flare frey hem jeans - Monki



Ah yes, white shirts. I had an oversize one that was a little too oversize to work with, but I'm really loving all of these ones. I think I white shirt is a must, just add high waist cropped jeans, ankle boots and a waist belt and you're all set! 

white poplin shirt - Mango
bows poplin shirt - Mango
crisp poplin bishop shirt - & Other Stories
white shirt - Zara


Ok, I admit it. I do already have a few stripe shirts in my wardrobe, but I you can never have too many, right? I've been looking at some different colored ones than my usual black/blue and white and this one just caught my eye.

Striped sweater - & Other Stories

 Needless to say all of these pieces are on my never-ending wishlist! There are so many more but I thought I'd put the principle ones on this post. What are your favorite wardrobe staples? Summer x

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