24 October 2016

Two H&M jumpers

Hi everyone!
One of our goals for this blog is to shoot the both of us wearing similar outfits in the same frame. It's SO difficult to do, and although we could do it using a tripod, the pictures will always be more effective if they're taken by an actual person. 
I bought both these jumpers from H&M not long ago after Summer made me try them on, and I'm so happy she picked them up for me! They look and are so warm and cosy! What I love about them is that they're warm but thin, unlike the huge, bulky turtleneck jumpers I already have. These are perfect for layering and wearing under small jackets, and for tucking into high waisted skirts and jeans. Plus, I love how they feel 'heavy' without feeling constricting. They aren't tight under the arms either which is a plus for me, and they don't erase all shape from your body. (even though I do love being bundled in a huge over-size jumper, it doesn't always make me feel cute and cosy, but rather like a lazy hibernating potato). Moreover the jumpers are good quality, and they weren't too expensive at £20-£25 - it's definitely worth the investment. 

Again, the one piece missing from this outfit is a waist belt. I have been into EVERY shop and I cannot seem to find the perfect, faux-leather, cute buckle waist belt which will complete all the outfits waiting to be worn in my wardrobe. Someone did suggest a brand when I asked on Instagram the other day which I'm excited to look at. I can't help but think that all my outfits lately are missing this finishing touch! 

Hope you like these outfits, I believe they both illustrate our personal style perfectly, and obviously as twins it was fun to wear the same jumper in different colours! (and yes, we shared the bag)

Holly x

Instagram: hollyxread - summerr.read

Holly is wearing:

Burgundy jumper: H&M
High-waisted corduroy skirt: Zara
Bomber jacket: Zara
Heeled ankle-boots: Topshop
Green box-bag: Zara

Summer is wearing: 

Grey jumper: H&M
A-line print skirt: Topshop
Sock-boot: Next (vintage)
Green box-bag: Zara
Black suede biker jacket: Mango

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