4 October 2016

The white tee & mom jeans outfit

Blogging is the one constant thing that accompanies me through life. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I know the blog is always there, my outfits and camera are nearby, a laptop there ready for me to create an article for publishing. This time last year I was in Ontario Canada, studying at a new University and living on a complete different routine than usual. This year, I'm living and working in North London. It seems that every September I find myself somewhere different, having to adapt to a new environment and way of life. Needless to say when your life routine has changed completely, stress and anxiety can claw itself through and make things a lot more difficult. I found the first few days here in England quite difficult, even though I visited quite frequently and have always maintained a love for British culture despite having lived most of my life in France. 

Luckily those feelings didn't last too long, and now I'm starting to feel a bit more settled. Holly & I have been shooting blog pictures every end of the week, so we have plenty of content to share! Although I'm a little behind with reading different blogs, (sorry!) taking pictures, editing and writing posts has helped so much in terms of settling down. It's like an anchor, an old friend.

As for the outfit, I'm in love with these mom jeans. I actually persuaded Holly to buy them a few weeks ago, yet I'm pretty sure I've worn them more than she has. I've always loved the simple white tee and jeans look, it has the effortless parisian chic vibe to it. Add some mary janes and a little bag are you're all set.

Summer x

Summer wears:

Zara mom jeans
Mango white tee 
Zara khaki mini bag
Zara khaki mary janes

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