11 October 2016

The green Zara body-suit

I tried this green Zara bodysuit on several times in different shops before I finally made myself buy it here in London. For only £25 I think it's gorgeous! I didn't have any pieces with such a rich, dark green print. Not only is it a beautiful color for autumn, I also think it suits my skin tone really well! I decided to pair the bodysuit with culottes and Mary Janes for a smart look- though my first choice would be a high-waisted a-line skirt with tights with a cute belt to finish it off. (I still haven't bought myself a waist belt, and I left all my tights behind in France!). 

I have to admit, the top needed adjusting pretty much every single minute: the material parts enough to show off too much of my bra. You're always one move away from an awkward boob flash. This wouldn't be a problem for someone with smaller boobs (or someone who doesn't mind) but hey, I'm not gonna let that stop me from wearing something I love! If I'm not feeling at ease I'd add a bandeau or small top underneath, just for that piece of mind.

The body-suit aspect kind of frightened me at first, I kept thinking, there is no way this is going to fit properly AND be comfortable, but to be honest I completely forgot about it once I had it on. (I'm usually a Zara size S, but I often wear an M as they don't have a tall section). It buttons up on the bikini line area, and to be honest you could probably get away with keeping it un-buttoned as the material is so thin anyway! My only worry was that I was going to tear the top area if, for some reason, I moved my arms/shoulders too quickly. 

This is the most consecutive OOTD posts Summer & I have ever done on the blog! We finally have time to focus on our personal projects rather than University, and it's THE BEST FEELING EVER.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this outfit, I always love reading them!
Holly x

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