6 October 2016


We've been living in the UK for 3 weeks now- It's amazing how quickly you establish a new routine. I'm already getting used to the long commute to work, a different diet, the weather, the almost overwhelming amount of people (which is probably the thing I'm struggling with the most!), and of course no longer being surrounded by french voices.

Our blog acts as an anchor: it's been the one constant during our travels. However far away I am from home, from my family, the blog has always been there, something to focus on. Even when my situation changes, the blog doesn't, which is a comfort. It makes me feel like I'm not just a wanderer who has no idea what they're doing. Moreover, it's Summer and I's favorite pass-time. I love creating content, dressing up, experimenting and playing around with clothes. I feel empowered by clothes, and when you're in the process of finding yourself and the path you want to take in life, feeling comfortable and confident in your image is vital.

I was so happy to wear this faux leather skirt again- It's just the perfect temperature for it now, I couldn't stand wearing something so tight during the summer!

Holly x


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