2 September 2016

The pleated skirt

Despite my love for this pleated midi skirt from Zara, I hardly ever wear it. I always thought it was difficult to style because of how high-waited it is and because of the dark color; it sits comfortably on my waist-line, and falls just below my knees. For some reason I persuaded myself that A. It wouldn't look good with flats, B. It wouldn't look good with any other jacket that isn't cropped and C it needed to be worn with a lighter color to balance out the palette. To solve this problem I borrowed these killer heels and belt from my Mum, and Summer's cropped jacket and new bag. Okay. I do actually own the skirt and top though.. those are mine.
I plan on doing a post based on several other midi skirts we own (it's a twin thing) within the next couple of weeks to challenge myself, as a midi skirt is actually the perfect transitional piece for autumn. It's also a good opportunity for Summer & I to shoot some similar outfits together with both of us in frame. The biggest struggle we face is finding a way to shoot good pictures of the both of us, it's something we have to keep practicing until we get it right!

August is already over, and despite having one of the best summers ever I have to admit I'm not quite ready to quit the holiday lifestyle just yet. Living in the remote french country-side is very peaceful and relaxing. I'm definitely going to miss spending days by the pool, re-reading Eragon, making no effort what-so-ever with my appearance and binge-watching a couple of good shows (Stranger Things was amazing). But these things can't go on forever, or they'll lose their magic. 

So 4 months after getting my Performing Arts degree with honors I'm ready to get out there and experience life in London (gulp). Here's to new adventures! 

Holly x


Pleated midi skirt, cropped jacket and box bag from Zara
Plain white tee from H&M


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