17 September 2016

The Maxi Dress

Ah, maxi dresses. Perfect for summer evenings, and for transitioning into the cooler months of the year. I don't own a lot of maxi dresses, despite drooling over the gorgeous floral midi & maxi ones that invade most high street stores in September every single year. There's a reason why this wardrobe staple is so popular, it's so versatile and can be used year after year: layered over a light jumper or under a biker jacket, with sandals or over-the-knee boots.

This mustard yellow maxi dress from Mango was in the sale a few weeks ago, and as soon as I donned the summer gown I felt like I belonged in Game of Thrones. The thin shoulder straps connected to metal hoops offer a comfortable, almost ancient greek like vibe. There is a generous amount of fabric that brushes the floor and falls quite nicely, although it isn't the most flattering dress. Maxi dresses that aren't cinched at the waist can easily hide your body shape and in my case, made me appear a little frumpy in some shots. I tried wearing a belt with this but because of the sheer amount of fabric I believe it actually did more harm than good, which is why I took pictures with and without a belt! To further the Game Of Thrones feel of the outfit, I wore the Irresistible Me hair extensions* that Holly reviewed in a previous post. You can see a little color difference, and my natural color is a little warmer than the dyed extensions. I can't believe my hair was once (almost) this long, perhaps it's time I grew mine out again?

Summer x

Summer is wearing:

Mango mustard yellow maxi dress
Marks & Spencers belt
H&M sandals

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