14 September 2016

Mustard Yellow at dusk

I was determined to shoot some pictures in the field which created some of my favorite childhood memories. We spent hours and hours, days on end during our childhood playing in these hidden fields. Connected to our garden and the woods, we used to climb over the barbed wire in our 'adventure gear' and sneak into this space. I remember stealing handfuls of hay once which I used to make a bed for my cabin in the woods. The straw left a trail from the scene of the crime straight to my cabin. Ah the joys of being a kid! When the grass was almost as tall as we were, we would spend hours hidden, laughing and playing with the walkie-talkies. I just had to return, this time to shoot some pictures, to do something from my young adult life in the place that shaped my childhood. 
So, this time we sneaked in again (this time through the non-existant gate), walked over the cracked earth and the dead grass, evidence of a hot french summer with 2 months without rain- and shot our outfits.

After a failed attempt at capturing the beauty of this dress in a previous post, I was determined to give it another go, without having to worry about the scorching sun and wind. We took these at sunset, in the innermost field, which is lined with giant trees on every side, perfectly secluded. I love shooting at dusk- the light gives the pictures a golden/purple glow, I'm so loving the result! 

Holly x

Holly is wearing: 

Mango mustard yellow dress
Zara khaki green box bag


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