12 September 2016

June, July, August in 35mm film

As always, it was such a pleasure to get this roll of film back and re-discover the little forgotten moments we'd captured over the summer. The majority were personal pictures of our friends and family, which we've decided not to share- but all the pictures, whether they be personal or just for the pleasure of picture taking have a story. The picture above was taken in July in a field close to our home. We left at around 8pm to find a secluded area to shoot pictures at dusk. We took pictures in the field for nearly an hour and a half. We shot all the outfit pictures on the digital camera- pleased with the content, we packed up and prepared to leave.
The light was shifting throughout the shoot. As we were about to make our way home, the clouds parted and released the light from the setting sun, covering the trees, fields, our skin in a sea of
beautiful golden light.
Taking the opportunity, we quickly grabbed the film camera we'd bought with us and took a few shots within the 10 minute time frame we had before the light disappeared.

Summer - La Rochelle, 35mm film

 I took the above picture of Summer in La Rochelle in late July- early August. It was during a day out with our friends and family. It was an area we'd never seen before, so we were eager to capture our first visit in film.

Eloise & Holly, La Rochelle, 35mm

The 2 pictures above of our friend Eloise & I were also taken in La Rochelle on a different occasion. Eloise was on holiday with her family, we had friends over on their annual holiday- La Rochelle was in the middle of both locations, so we planned a day out and met up in town. What you don't know about these pictures is that it was about 35-37 degrees out. We were melting. Our clothes were soaked. My shoes were rubbing. The make-up was melting. But it was such a perfect day. I'll never forget the way Eloise's dress would jingle with every step.
 Funnily enough the last time we met up was in London in June on a very wet, cold and windy day. Despite the weather we always have a good catch-up, it's always good to capture those memories on film. We took more pictures on a different film roll which I'm excited to see!

Bandit, August, 35mm 
And last but not least, the one and only Bandit, the best companion in the universe.

All pictures shot with Canon A1 35mm film camera using fujifilm

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