24 September 2016

Empty Spaces - 35mm Film

Photography will never cease to amaze me. It's ability to capture a moment in time, capture the feel it. Whether it's a cute, curious cat looking through a window, countless people wandering through the streets or simply an afternoon out with friends. The latter is probably my favorite time to shoot film pictures. I have so, so many wonderful memories of walking through the town of Poitiers with my closest friends, secretly taking their picture so I could capture their expressions, and of course asking them to pose for a shot or two. It's one of the major things I will miss upon moving to England.

These pictures were shot during an afternoon out in La Rochelle, a town in the south-west region of France. Only an hour drive away from where we live, we know the town quite well and so it was the perfect place to meet up with our friend who was on holiday nearby. After walking through the streets for a while, we came upon this empty, hidden little courtyard in the town center and before long we were shooting pictures in the beautiful space. These pictures perfectly capture the happiness we were experiencing at that moment: reunited with a friend, in a beautiful location, the summer heat & sunshine coating our skin. The freedom of summer.

Summer x

Eloises picture
Eloises picture
Eloises picture

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