19 September 2016

5 Film & Television soundtracks to add to your work-out playlist

I grew up listening to Queen and ABBA. My earliest memories of travelling back and forth to France are hours and hours spent in the backseat of the car singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody with my family. Classic Rock and hits from the 80's are the core of the soundtrack to my childhood. The beats and the lyrics still rooted deep in my memory, infusing me with nostalgia every time the music greets my ears.

Despite being exposed to these music genres from a young age, we soon parted ways somewhat and I discovered a different genre, one that my family have little interest in. Soundtracks. I guess being a cinephile contributed to this love of film soundtracks, growing up with Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and Pirates of The Caribbean allowed me to discover the greatest composers of our time. John Williams, Howard Shore & Hans Zimmer are extremely talented composers, their contributions to cinematic universes are often over-looked by some cinema goers.  Orchestral music in itself is a genre of music that has grown in popularity over the decades, with film concerts becoming more and more of 'a thing'.

I thought I would put together a list of 5 soundtracks. Although I listen to them anywhere at anytime, I have to admit that listening to the Mad Max soundtrack whilst on a spinning bike makes working out a lot more fun. Did I mention the Lord of the Rings soundtrack? Heavenly for post work-out stretch.

MAD MAX FURY ROAD Brothers In Arms by Junkie XL

X-MEN First Class by Henry Jackman

THE MAZE RUNNER The Maze Runner (main theme) by John Paesano

PACIFIC RIM Pacific Rim (main theme) by Ramin Djawadi & Tom Morello

GAME OF THRONES Reign by Ramin Djawadi

What music helps you get through a workout? Are they any other soundtrack lovers out there? Let me know! Summer x

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