31 August 2016

Top Picks For Fall 16

Fall is just around the corner and although I'm currently still loving the 35+ weather here at home, I can't help but look forward to the following season. I've forgotten what wearing skinny jeans feels like! As you probably already know, I bought a one-way plane ticket to England in September, so most of my wishlist consists of pieces I may not be able to wear (I recently bought another suede jacket then realized that I might not have the opportunity to wear it if it rains a lot) That being said I will probably buy the pieces and deal with the cold/rain later. All I need is an umbrella, right?

  • Sheerness & Ruffles
Frills, ruffles and sheer seem to still be going strong at the moment. I myself purchased a few tops with ruffle details this summer and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they can be paired with skirts, jeans and shorts, making them a great versatile transitional piece. As September is still wedding season, look out for sheer dresses and of course our beloved midi floral dress.

White Sheer Top - Asos
Pink Sheer Blouse with necktie - Asos
Blue Print Blouse with ruffle sleeves - H&M
Long Embroidered Sheer floral dress - Zara

  • Embroidery & Velvet
Embroidery is in this fall, whether it be jeans, tops or boots, it's the perfect statement pieces that will complete any outfit. Add a touch of velvet and you'll be sporting two trends in one piece.

Faux Fur Embroidered Jacket - Zara
Embroidered Velvet Culottes - Zara
Embroidered Mom Jeans - Topshop
Embroidered Denim Skirt - Tophsop
Embroidered Boots - Asos
Velvet Loafers - Zara

  • Outerwear
Just because. Trench coats are a classic, wardrobe staple that you will reach for season and after season.

Classic Trench - Zara
Oversize Trench - Zara
Trench Coat - Asos

  • Over-the-knee boots
Just because this pair of boots is so beautiful.

Over-the-knee boots - Zara


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