7 August 2016

The Red Dress

I bought this dress in Canada late last year. I had been away from home for over 4 months, and wanted to wear something special for Christmas Day. In the end I only wore the dress for an hour or so before changing into my onesie, to better accommodate the annual xmas food baby. 

There is something so timeless about a red dress. It's classy, stylish and a wardrobe staple piece. Remember the one Peggy Carter (played by the incredible Hayley Atwell) wore in Captain America The First Avenger? The woman in the red dress in The Matrix?

Red dresses have become associated with femininity, often showcasing the lines of a woman's body: cinched at the waist to accentuate curves, and the rich color associated with meanings of passion and desire, among others. Putting sexualisation to the side, a red dress looks good on all women, not only making them simply 'look good' but also generating a confidence boost no matter who is wearing it.

The fabric of this Topshop dress is quite thick, so it may be too hot to wear during a summer afternoon but is perfect for summer evenings when it gets a little chilly. It's also a great transitional piece. I love the bell 3/4 sleeve details and fit of the dress, so flattering and above all comfortable. That being said, I wouldn't wear it if you plan on having a big meal.

Summer x

Summer is wearing:

red dress with bell sleeves: topshop (tall)
sock boots: next (vintage)
box bag: asos

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