12 August 2016

The floral blouse

As soon as I picked up this floral print blouse in Zara, I knew it would be mine. I wore it with some high-waisted black denim shorts from ASOS (tall section), giving me a bit of an adventure-ready vibe. The print is a little faded, a mix of yellow, pink and green tones- it sends me right back to my childhood, to the old fashioned wallpaper and sofas in my grandparent's house. It's a great blouse for a summer look. I also think it would make a perfect transitional piece into autumn, as it would look great paired with the classic black skinnies or a pleated skirt (I'm looking forward to ditching the almost-too-tight shorts for something more comfortable I must say).
I was hoping to shoot more outfit pictures during our time off in the summer, but we've been staying busy with our family and friends, and most of the time we just don't get the opportunity to run off and shoot some outfit pictures. We'll definitely get back on track within the next week or so though!

In other news: only a month left before Summer & I head off on our next adventure- excited is an understatement! We're moving to London in mid-september, which will no doubt be quite a challenging and exciting experience. Until then, I'll be making the most of my time off, rereading Eragon and enjoying some time in the sun!

Holly x


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