24 August 2016

"Irresistible Me" clip-in Remy hair extensions: step-by-step review!

I have a product review for you all today! It's been a while since we've done any collaboration posts, we were super excited to be contacted by Irresistible Me and do a review on their clip-in Remy hair extensions!

As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog post are completely honest (I don't see the point in blogging if I blog about things I don't actually like or lie in the process!). Therefore you'll be getting an honest step-by-step review. You should know before-hand that this is our 1st experience with hair extensions, therefore we are unable to compare this experience to any other! I hope you enjoy!

A quick word about the brand: Irresistible Me offer 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, wigs, hair accessories and hair tools. They are very active on social media platforms, including their YouTube channel which offer videos and playlists in multiple languages. 

We decided to try clip-in Remy hair extensions in the shade Royal Golden Blonde , 18" 140g. Our choice of color was based on the fact that Summer & I didn't share the same hair color at the time, and none of the colors perfectly matched our natural shade. We chose a shade much lighter than our natural color (our natural color being auburn/strawberry blonde), as this would allow us to dye the extensions as we see fit (it's all 100% human hair, so you can style/dye it just like you would your own). Lighter hair is easier to dye than darker hair as you have more possibilities, and there would be no need to bleach (and damage) it. 

I am the one who wore the extensions for this review (Holly)- We wanted to share every step of the process. This review will therefore include: 

- Before & After pictures of my hair with the clip-in hair extensions
- Before & After pictures of my hair with the clip-in hair extensions post hair dye and styling

I'll also be talking about the quality of the extensions, the color, and the finished look. 

Before we get to all that, I'm going to briefly talk about the packaging, and my first impressions. 

Apart from the tiniest dent in the box after a long journey in the post, it was in good condition- the package ressembles a mini shoe box. The space it provided was enough for the hair extensions, no more. (which is good in my opinion, any waste of space is a waste of money).

Inside the box: the clip-in hair extensions are bound in a hair net, and sealed in a plastic cover. There are 2 separate pouches in the plastic cover:

As you can see, they provide a separate pouch so you can test the feel of one of clip-ins without having to open the whole thing. That way, if the color is off, if you wish to return it, you can do so without having opened the entire package. (The larger pouch with the majority of the extensions is sealed with additional stickers, once removed you won't be able to return it!). The pouch also contains additional hair clips.

I have no complaints to make about the choice of packaging, my only remark is that, as someone who has never tried clip-ins before, a little booklet with additional information on how to upkeep the extensions and how to place them properly would have been useful- that being said, Irresistible Me's YouTube channel has so many videos (in multiple languages!) providing lots of extra content/information. So if you are looking for extra information you do have to look for it yourself. 

Now on to the extensions! There are 10 pieces in the set:

From left to right: 

Clip-in Remy hair extensions in Royal Golden Blonde, 18", 140g (link here)

- 2 small pieces with 1 clip
- 5 pieces with 2 clips
- 2 pieces with 3 clips
- 1 piece with 4 clips 

As you can see there is SO MUCH OF IT. It was such a struggle to fit them all in the frame! The largest piece with the most hair is the piece with 4 clips. 

Irresistible Me clip-in Remy hair extensions in Golden Blonde

The quality of the hair:

The hair feels sooo gorgeous! I couldn't stop feeling it! It was so soft and smooth. I felt bad after seeing them in their original color knowing I had to dye them, they just looked so good!

As I said at the beginning of this post, this is my 1st experience with hair extensions, so I have nothing to compare them to. I think it's important to point out!

The 3 pictures above illustrate the largest piece of the set, the piece with 4 clips. It's much thicker than the other pieces, and there is additional space provided on the lace strip if you wanted to add extra clips (which were provided in the box!) to ensure that it stays in place, as it's quite heavy. You can see in the picture above the quality of the work on the seam: 

 The picture above illustrates the thickness of the 10 piece set: altogether, I'd say it's at least 3 times thicker than my hair!


 As you can see, my hair (curly, dyed a couple of months ago) does not match the extensions.
I decided to straighten my hair (as the extensions were straight) and try them on anyway, and I was pleasantly surprised! The color wasn't too far off:

Before & After Irresistible Me clip-in Remy hair extensions - Golden Honey, 18"

You can just about see the difference in color between my hair and the clip-ins, but I think I could have got away with it. There were enough extensions to 'drown out' my hair (if that makes sense) separating it enough to make the color difference less obvious. 

The extensions clip-in really easily, and they do feel secure. I didn't feel like they were going to slip out while I was wearing them. As for the placement, I'd say I'm very lucky as Summer helped me put each one in. I can't imagine the struggle of doing it all on my own! If you're doing it all by yourself I'd imagine it'll be much harder, especially if you want to put all of them in, be careful that the top of the clip-in doesn't show through your hair at the top!
The extensions do feel comfortable once they're in- albeit quite heavy if you wear them all at once. In the image above I'm wearing all 10 pieces of the set, but (depending on the look you're going for) I wouldn't think it was necessary to wear every single piece, as even 2 pieces can make a huge difference. 

With every single piece of the 10 piece set clipped in, you get hot, quickly. Obviously this wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't 30+ degrees out (as it is as I type this), but for those living in a hot country you should know that the heat might make you quite uncomfortable.


I dyed my hair and the extensions the same color: using l'Oreal box dye in 'Golden Honey'. I've used the color before, and it's very close to my natural color (strawberry blonde/auburn) and therefore Summer's color. It is a semi-permanent hair dye, lasting 28 washes, which is perfect as it means I can always return the extensions to the original color.

Dying the clip-in extensions:

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the dying process of the extensions, but it was super simple and there are so many tutorials out there. 
To be honest, the color probably would have looked better if I'd dyed my hair in a salon and used a more expensive dye on the hair extensions, that being said, I still think it looks amazing! 

After dying the extensions, I styled them the same way I usually style my hair (which is naturally curly) : I combed them (very carefully) whilst they were wet after washing out the dye: I noticed a strand or two of hair came out when I was doing this, but as it was my 1st time I wasn't sure if this is to be expected or not! It was only the smallest bit of hair that came out and you'd never be able to tell. After combing the extensions I applied John Frieda's Frizz-Ease serum, (my holy grail!), and to my surprise THEY WENT CURLY and matched my natural curls perfectly. As you can imagine I was so happy; I ran outside and showed my entire family with a big grin on my face.
Before & After Irresistible Me clip-in Remy hair extensions / post hair dye and styling
I'm still excited about these because I know we see alot of people wearing hair extensions which have been styled to look sleek, straight, slightly wavy at the bottom, I think it's good to see that they can work with naturally curly/wavy hair too! It's not very often you get a review of clip-in extensions with naturally curly hair. 

I think I'm very lucky to have received extensions that curl the same way my natural hair does- It will allow me to style them in different ways. After styling them with the frizz-ease serum, they weren't as soft or smooth as they first were when they came out of the package, which is to be expected as they were treated in a different way. I'm sure if I styled them differently they'd be just as soft. 

You can see a slight difference in color in the pictures above (even after the dye); I'd say that this is the only thing that could give it away, although I do believe that the whole look does look natural. I thought I'd put as many pictures as possible: none of color has been edited whatsoever, so you be judge!

Wearing Irresistible Me clip-in Remy hair extensions, post hair dye and styling

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed this review- I wanted to make sure I gave as much information as possible, as I understand that before you purchase something like this you really want to make sure you're getting your money's worth.
I would definitely, 100% recommend this brand. They've been super helpful during the entire process, and they're active on social media platforms, which always helps if you're looking for a quick answer to one of your questions. 

I only have a couple of remarks to make: if you are going to dye the extensions, it may take a couple of dyes to get the perfect shade, and if you decide to wear the full 10 piece set, after a few hours they will feel heavy on your scalp. 

Not gonna lie, I felt pretty bad-ass wearing these extensions- they made me feel amazing. I had the biggest smile on my face. They definitely confirmed my theory that I do in fact belong in a magical forest in a fantasy land living amongst elves and faeries. 

I'd also quickly point out that for those of you who enjoy cosplaying this could be a really good solution if you're looking to portray a more ethereal/fantasy image at a convention! Really thinking about cosplaying as Eowyn now!
I can't wait to do a full outfit/makeup post with these, I'll definitely be doing one soon!

Huge thankyou to Blair for the opportunity! 

To finish off, here are a few comparisons, Before and After Irresistible Me clip-in Remy hair extensions:

Before & After  Irresistible Me clip-in Remy hair extensions, pre + post hair dye and styling

Before & After hair dye and styling

Before & After hair dye and styling

Before & After hair dye and styling


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