20 August 2016

35mm film: the Easton Walled Gardens

On our way to Lincoln we made a quick stop to the Easton Walled Gardens. It has to be one of the prettiest places I've seen in the UK! It was so lovely to explore more of the countryside rather than a city. We made a post about this place recently but once we got our film pictures developed we had to share them. Taken on our Canon A1 with 35mm fujifilm, the pictures perfectly capture the serene beauty of the place.

Summer & I have been busy working at home the last couple of months, it's mid-July as I type this and I've only just had the time to focus on a few blog posts! Hopefully now things have settled we can finally go back to shooting some summer outfits before we leave France in September. Exciting things to come! (hopefully!)

Holly xxx


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