31 July 2016

The v-neck body suit

You always feel your most confident self when you're wearing something physically comfortable and something you feel great in. However, sometimes you have to suffer for fashion and deal with the pain of walking in uncomfortable heels or tops that are so tight under the arms you just grit your teeth and fight the urge to rip your top off. For today's outfit, I had to re-adjust the front of the top before every. single. picture. 

I bought this Zara v-neck bodysuit weeks ago and was waiting for an opportunity to wear it. I knew straight away that I'd have to adjust it slightly because I never feel too comfortable when showing off cleavage, and because of the fit of the bodysuit the fabric would inevitably move when walking, making the cleavage area go from a little cleavage to everything on show in a matter of steps.

My first attempt to adjust the bodysuit failed and I decided to wear it anyway for this post because despite that, I still love it so much. The fabric is so gorgeous and I love the v-neck and v-back details. So even though I had to keep adjusting the front of the top, whilst Holly assured me "It really isn't that revealing don't worry", I still love this outfit and would definitely wear it again. I may actually try wearing it back to front next time as the back of the top is more fitted! I was surprised to see that the culottes from Zara with the gorgeous print pattern didn't photograph as well as I thought. The print isn't very slimming but it's such a great fit, and the fabric is so light unlike my other culottes, making it perfect for the summer weather.

Holly is wearing this Zara black summer dress. The fit is very loose with a light, airy fabric which is perfect for wearing at the beach, and can easily be used as a transitional piece into autumn with some tights and knee high boots. Despite the oversize aspect, it doesn't appear baggy or non-fitted. It's a little see-through, so Holly recently bought some shape-wear shorts to wear underneath. The dress isn't tight under the arms but it covers the shoulders which is a must for someone who burns easily!

We took these pictures down the road from where we live, the majority of our outfit pictures will be taken in rural locations this summer! We waited for the evening light to shoot these and were even lucky enough to catch the golden glare shortly before dusk.


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