4 July 2016

The Easton Walled Gardens

Hello all! Over the next few weeks we'll be sharing some pictures from our trip in England! So in terms of outfit posts, I think this summer it will be a question of quality rather than quantity, however in the mean time here are one of the many photography & travel based posts of this summer.

Holly & I were truly spoiled by all of our grandparents. The first few days of our trip were spent exploring the gorgeous town of Lincoln. On our way there, we stopped off at the Easton Walled Gardens.

The Easton Walled Gardens is a traditional rural estate dating back to 1561. The original house was demolished several decades ago after a period of neglect caused by economical and political issues, however the surviving buildings have been up-kept and now serves as a tourist attraction. There is a cottage, a farm shop and a tearoom.

The garden itself is a fairy-tale location: you can divide it into different areas. You begin by walking through an open green space on which the original house once stood. 

Next, you'll find a quaint flower garden, with colorful plants at every turn, you can easily feel as if you've stepped into a maze. Through a narrow gateway beneath a tree is another narrow path, that leads you past towering plants and a handful of small greenhouses. 

Eventually you'll discover the magnificent space at the bottom of the gardens. Down the princess steps, across a small field and onto a bridge over a small stream, you'll find the Tim Burton-esque woods. The tall, strong trees form a corridor that leads to the end of the garden. The thick branches block the majority of the sunlight, making the air within cool and damp from the recent rainfall. This space is truly magical, I felt like I was missing my corset-dress (or armor and shield).

The bridge that connects the woods to the rest of the gardens offers a truly picturesque view, as does the top of the steps that lead down to it. Unfortunately we didn't have any sunshine that morning, but it didn't rob us of the magical, and peaceful aspect of this place!

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