1 July 2016

Short trip to Lincoln: Photo Diary

Summer & I recently got back from a short visit to the UK! 8 days packed of travelling, exploring, seeing family and close friends, and meeting new people- we had a wonderful time!

We began our trip with a short visit to Lincoln, a Cathedral city situated in the East-Midlands of England. We spent a couple of days in the historical city, walking the cobblestone streets, but most of all exploring the famous historical sites, including the great Cathedral and Castle square. You may have noticed our love for historical sites and architecture by now, it was great for us to discover somewhere new within our home country this time. There is so much to say about this historically rich place, we'll be sharing some more pictures soon so we'll no doubt say more about it then!

I've put together a little photo diary which consists of pictures we took during our visit on Summer's iPhone. I love taking pictures of anything that catches my eye on a phone as it's so quick and easy to capture a memorable moment, object or place. Most of these pictures were shared on our Instagram and Snapchat accounts, but I thought it would be nice to share them on this platform as I'm really pleased with how they look!

Hope you're all having a good week, let's hope the weather brightens up a bit so the summer can finally begin!

Holly xxx

Day 1: Holly in our grand-parents garden

 Day 2: We quickly visited the Easton Walled Gardens on our way to Lincoln, a beautiful place to visit for a short walk and some afternoon tea and cake!

Steep Hill, Lincoln

Tea & Scones at Bunty's Tea Room in Lincoln! 

Roof tour of the Lincoln Cathedral

 I took these during the visit to the Victorian Prison located within the Lincoln Castle grounds. As you tour the somewhat eerie prison you can go in the prison cells and look at some of the exhibits they have. They had a couple of cells with some clothes you could try on which resemble the attire the prisoners and staff wore during their time here.


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