26 July 2016

OOTD: Mustard yellow smock dress

Ahh, nothing quite like the struggle of shooting in direct sunlight.
Summer & I have always had trouble keeping up our ootd posts during the summer. I much prefer to shoot in the shade or at dusk, anything to avoid the direct sun rays which impact the pictures. As you can tell by the length of this post (and by the miserable look on my face?), this shoot was quite unsuccessful. The dress itself being difficult to shoot in a windy location, plus the constant direct sunlight sending shadows of all shapes and sizes over my face and body- it just didn't work out. Things are made even more difficult by the fact that I'm a perfectionist. If I'm not happy with the picture, or if I'm not looking like the best version of myself, I tend to scrap them, and start over. Sadly, even after 3 years of blogging, there are still moments where low self-esteem and negative body-image issues win.
I utterly respect those who like shooting in direct sunlight, those who work with the sun and shadows to shape something beautiful- but it's not yet something we've quite managed to achieve.

On a positive note- we took these pictures in La Rochelle last week- the summer weather is finally here! I decided to wear my new mustard yellow smock dress from Mango. It feels so beautiful on, and I love how the colour looks on me, but I definitely feel like it's not very photogenic!

Holly xxx


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