15 July 2016

London Photo Diary

Hello everyone!

I have another photo-diary for you today! These pictures were all taken in London over the course of 3 days, 3 very busy days! We never get to see everyone we'd like to see during our visits as we never have enough time, but we always try to do as much as possible.

DAY 1 

On our first day in London, we got up super early to get to Topshop in Oxford Street, the biggest and busiest Topshop. It's so big that you kind of have to psyche yourself up. As it always is when you save up money especially for clothes shopping, I ended up not buying anything, though I do regret not buying the pink dress below. After an unsuccessful shopping trip, we met up with one of best friends Amanda whom we haven't seen in person for over a year. We had such a fun day exploring several museums, including the Tate Modern and Summer & I's favorite, the V&A.

Raphael's paintings, V&A

Tate Modern


Our plans fell through a little on our second day, though we managed to do some of the things we wanted to do! During the day we explored Covent Garden, an old time favorite of ours, and stuffed ourselves at Maxwell's. The rain came soon after, after visiting a few shops we ran to the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar square. We had some time afterwards for a quick stop a the Cafe In The Crypt, where we enjoyed a much needed cup of tea. The Cafe always has a lovely atmosphere, even though you are actually walking on very old tombstones. The food (you can get meals in there too) is always delicious, and the Cafe is a perfect little escape after a busy day of walking in the centre of London.

We made our way to the theatre next where we saw an amazing play, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time, which was incredible! Summer & I have officially graduated from University with a Performing Arts degree. I have studied theatre and cinema in depth, so it was so satisfying to enjoy the play having just got my degree! Would definitely recommend it!

We managed to go to Neil's Yard, located near Covent Garden. It's a really cute, trendy, colorful square with restaurants and cafes.


Our 3rd and last day in London was our busiest, we managed to do quite a bit of sightseeing and we met up with 3 different people in different locations. Our day started in Notting Hill with our good friend Eloise. Not only was it cold and windy it was also raining, which was a shame as there's little we can do in such bad weather. We caught up in a cute cafe for a while before heading out and braving the cold. After about 15 minutes sitting on a cold bench by a eerie merry-go-round in Kensington Gardens, the rain and wind battering us, we decided to leave for Oxford Street and find refuge in Topshop.
We still had an awesome time and we took some lovely pictures, including this one below of us with Eloise, who just looks so happy to be alive, bless.

The next adventure of the day included meeting up with our fellow blogger friend Andini, the first blogger we've met in person! We've been in contact through social media for nearly a year now, and it was so great to meet up in London! We had a really nice time- we went to a really cute place called 'Cutter and Squidge' where we enjoyed some delicious cake-y things and a much needed cup of green tea. You can find her blog here!

Our day ended with a much needed catch-up with one of our best friends Jake, whom we've known for over 5 years now. We explored Carnaby Street, almost snapped and bought Doc Martens, took some pictures, before heading to a bar to catch up some more, whilst enjoying a nice glass of water (Summer & I don't actually drink!)

We had such a lovely trip, it felt so good to meet up with friends we hadn't seen in over a year and meet new people! We'll be sharing more pictures in future blog posts from this day that we shot on our camera and on the film camera.


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