11 July 2016

48 Hours in Lincoln, England

During our trip to England, Holly & I went to Lincoln for two days! I love visiting various towns in 
the UK as I rarely travel outside of London & Stevenage whenever I go back.

Lincoln is a cathedral city in the East Midlands of England. Once a Roman town, Lincoln has a rich historical background which is evidenced by the different styles of architecture present throughout the city: the Lincoln Cathedral is a magnificent example of English Gothic style architecture whereas the Lincoln Castle is a Norman Castle that dates back to the 11th Century.


The Lincoln Hotel is mere steps away from the Lincoln Cathedral, and is in close proximity to other landmarks such as the Castle and Steep Hill. The room we stayed in was very nice (even though I forgot the take some pictures, oops) and it has great wifi which is a must for me! We had breakfast there one morning which was a buffet-style crumpets, toast, cereal or a fry-up kind of thing. 

The city offers a range of Historical landmarks that aren't only beautiful to behold but it also offers various educational tours that give you an insight to the city's rich past. 

Lincoln Cathedral

The Lincoln Cathedral is the first thing you see when you arrive in Lincoln. It's tall, towering gothic spires are impossible to miss as they define the city's skyline, and the Cathedral is definitely a must-see. You can freely explore the ground floor of the Cathedral, which is huge and can easily last about an hour-hour and a half, or you can go on a Guided Floor Tour where someone will show you around. There are different sections and little rooms that you can admire, one section in particular is something straight out of Harry Potter. For a moment I really thought I had stepped into the halls of Hogwarts! 
I highly recommend paying for a Roof Tour. It lasts about 90 mins, and takes you through the actual roof of the Cathedral which is fascinating. The guide gives facts about the landmark's architecture and of course the History behind it, which is quite incredible! Not only that, but you get the chance to admire the skyline from above, which is quite a memorable moment.

 Lincoln Castle

We spent most of our time here, there is quite a lot to see and explore so you can easily spend a few hours here. There is 'wall-walk' which allows you to walk along the walls of the Castle, and if you wish you can borrow a headset which guides you through the tour. I really enjoyed the wall-walk as it offers a view of the Castle and the Cathedral, and there are several towers you can walk through such as the Observatory Tower, the prison cells (upon which public executions took place) and the Lucy Tower in which a number of prisoners were buried. A lot of these places were quite eerie, Holly & I walked through the prison cells and took a very narrow ladder down into the lower prison levels. When we emerged our hearts were beating quite fast as if the fear of the prisoners final moments still resonated through the walls. There is also a prison area which includes a Georgian Prison Building, an exhibition on the famous Magna Carta, a Victorian Prison and a Prison Chapel. I really enjoyed exploring this part of the Castle as it had a variety of exhibitions on prison life, how the castle was affected during the Great War as well as a number of museum-like areas. 

Steep Hill

Steep Hill is a famous street which consists of independent shops and tea rooms. As the name suggests, the street is so steep that it is unsuitable for cars and buses, and so is only navigable on foot! The steepest part is so steep that a handrail was put in place to help. (We couldn't help but notice how muscly everyone's calves were from the repeated walks up and down the hill!) I loved walking down this street, it has a lot of charm and some really quaint tea rooms!

Bunty's Tea Room 

I would go back to Lincoln just to go to this tea room again! Bunty's has a small, cute interior with a lovely atmosphere, Holly & I enjoyed scones & tea (the best scones I have ever had, ever). It was the perfect little break from walking around the town. The tea room is reasonably priced too which is always a nice surprise. It's located on Steep Hill, just a few minutes walk from the Castle & Cathedral.

Gino's Pizza

 An Italian restaurant with a beautiful interior and some pretty amazing food, so good that I completely forgot to take pictures of it! I had the garlic toast with tomatoes for a starter and a lasagna with chips for a main. I was so impressed by the quality of the meal and would definitely go back there again! 

There you have it! I really enjoyed visiting this town, you can fit a lot in a day and there's loads of places to explore! If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section!

Summer x


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