29 July 2016

35mm film: Lincoln

Summer & I recently got our 2 rolls of film developed from our trip to the UK last month. I am pleased to say that these have been our most successful pictures yet!

We took extra care with the Canon A1, making sure we were always on the appropriate settings, and taking more time to shoot the pictures themselves. To reach the full potential of a film camera, you must understand how it works, and after that, and a bit of trial and error, it's all practice, practice, practice.

If you're intrigued by how our film pictures have progressed over the years, take a look at our 35mm page. We had no idea what we were doing when we first used the camera 3 years ago. It's also been interesting to see how different the pictures turn out depending on which film we're using. Here we used Fujifilm, which has to be my favorite.

Now, back to these pictures. Lincoln is a beautiful town with so much history, it was so great to capture the architecture and historical monuments on film. We walked down a couple of the narrow, cobblestone streets lined with quirky shops- Each individual shop had it's own characteristics- with many of the buildings built in bricks, they were set apart by choice of decoration and style. There is a variety of flowers and pots, hanging signs & chalkboards, lights, windows... The attention to detail is to be admired, there was so much to see, it was all about finding the best way to capture it.

The Victorian Prison located within the Castle grounds of Lincoln is definitely worth a visit. It was a strange place; you have to wonder what thoughts were passing through the prisoners minds when they were here and what exactly led them to this place. & yet, the light coming through the giant windows was beautiful.

Lincoln Cathedral seen from the Castle walls

Lincoln Cathedral Roof Tour

Lincoln Cathedral from the Castle Walls

Inside Lincoln Cathedral



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