11 June 2016

Stripes for Spring

June may have arrived but the spring rain hasn't ceased just yet! This time of the year is always awkward to dress for. I usually struggle a little during these in-between transition periods, when you can finally wear a light jacket out yet it's not warm enough for bare legs, when all you want to do is wear dresses but instead you find yourself reaching for jeans yet again.

I can always rely on skinny black jeans and an oversize top for a simple casual day look. Afterall, you can never go wrong with skinnies and stripes. It's not secret that's my everyday to-go look: skinnies, a baggy top and some ankle boots.  This oversize top with a high neck and stripes is one of my favorites. The fabric is so gentle and the fit is perfect for a casual day out. No pinching under the arms or comfortableness. It's the perfect care-free outfit. I'm wearing a green suede biker jacket from Mango, one of all-time favorite pieces. This is actually Holly's one but I have the same in black too! I wore my lace up heels this day but this outfit looks great with my Stan Smiths and Docs too.

The first picture here was taken by our friend Nico, he was kind enough to lend us his amazing Canon 70D with a 50mm f/1,4 lens which creates the most beautiful blurry-bokeh effect background. This lens has been on my wishlist for some time, and after using it I'm more determined to get my hands on it than ever!

Summer is wearing:

black skinny low waist jeans: zara
oversize top with stripes: urban outfitters
lace up shoes: zara
green shopper bag: urban outfitters

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