7 June 2016

Old Rooms

I've been dreading writing this post...This is the last month of living in our little flat in the town of Poitiers. I can't believe three years of university are over. If I could, I would continue to rent this flat throughout the summer. We moved in three years ago, just as my parents moved out of our old house to build a new one. I didn't have my own room at home in the countryside until this month. It's strange to think I moved out of home at the age of 18. I'm aware that not everyone is so fortunate to move out so young and to have their own flat to themselves for three years. It's definitely something that I have not taken for granted.  

This flat is my little haven. It's been my second home, while my other one was being built. The high ceilings, the wooden creaky floorboards, the marble fireplaces in each room...I love it. As I'm writing this, the majority of the furniture is still here, however I'm selling some tomorrow, and when this is posted, I would have already moved out. For this post, I'm only including pictures of my room. I'm writing this before I move out, because I don't think I could write about it once I've left it. I've become so attached to it, it's going to be difficult to say goodbye to it. Already I can feel tears beginning to swell and my throat tightening, and I still have 3 weeks left here!

 My room is behind the door as you walk in, so most people don't even realize it's there when they first enter. It's narrow, but the high ceilings and large windows create a very open, breathable space. If I could have, I would have painted it white. Hung some frames on the wall. But I still managed to incorporate my own aesthetic. My shutters are almost constantly half shut, as the building opposite (a university class room) can see into my room.  As a result of the large windows, I rarely have my light on. Even with the shutters shut, it's light enough to see where everything is. As I had just moved out of my old house, I inherited all of my old bedroom furniture, so I didn't spend money on new stuff. My old bed. My old Ikea shelves. This room is also the first one I have ever had to myself, having shared with my twin up until we moved in here. All of the walls in the flat are painted a rather unappealing beige color, but it adds to the old french charm of it. 

But, one chapter finishes and a new one begins. As I move out of this flat, I will move into my new room that has just been built back home in the countryside. It will be the first time in three years that I will have my own room at home. It's pretty good timing, I can take most of the furniture from my flat and place it into my new room back home! I plan on documenting the creation of my new room, from the painting to the putting up of new furniture. It's the only thing that will get me through the emotions of moving out of my flat! 

Either way, I've had a very fortunate 3 years here. I don't know when I will ever be able to have my own place with my twin again. 
Summer x


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