27 June 2016

My Paperblanks Collection

I've always loved notebooks & journals. I kept a diary up until I was about 15, and as a child I would collect old notebooks, empty calendar diaries and various parchments & so on. I'm trying to have as little clutter as possible now, but I do own a folder filled with different paper for calligraphy and other artistic needs. I'm not that good at drawing, I often do little scribbles, usually for concept art for a possible script idea or even to illustrate a dream I had. At university, the edges of my papers would be covered in little drawings, from a dragon upon a castle to two ancient warriors keeping watch over a forest. Needless to say each book was chosen because of it's ressemblance to a fictional world I love.

Ever read the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini? The colors of this notebook reminds me of Saphira and another character that I won't spoil! The regal design is something straight from a fantasy world, especially the two side latches and the spine of the book, This one is lined inside, and even though I haven't written a single word yet, I will probably write down script ideas I want to elaborate on in the future. 

 This is my most recent buy, a little notebook to carry in my bag. I've been trying to be more of a 'responsable adult', so I can write down important things on something other that my phone. So of course I bought a little notebook that looks like something from every Gryffindor students backpack. A burnt reddish-orange with gold detailing, it doesn't take up too much space in my bag which is great!

And last but not least, my most cherished one. A gift given to me a while back, I use this one for a variety of things. Article ideas, outfits to shoot, a list of books to read, the books I have read, and a few autographs from different conventions (Tom Felton has touched this book!) and various other things. What I love about these notebooks is that they each contain a 'pouch' enveloppe at the end of the book, allowing you to store precious things away safely. It's handy for tickets or pictures!


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