15 June 2016

DIY Part 1: the transformation process of my new bedroom

Hello everyone!

As I've mentioned before, my new room at home is currently being finished off so I thought I'd put together a collection of pictures to show the transformation process.
My parents and brother have been building our new home. As Holly & I shared a flat since we were at University, whenever I came home I saw another piece of the house puzzle being put together. Part new build, part renovation, my bedroom is part of the renovation side of the house. This isn't the first house renovation/build I have experienced, but it's the most exciting as it's the first time I'll have my own bedroom at home. Instead of going into loads of detail, I'll share pictures as they speak louder than words.

  • Stage 1: Plasterboarding + Floor Varnishing

 Once the walls were up I was able to picture the room clearer in terms of furniture and decoration. A few days after this was taken, the walls were plastered and the room was ready for decoration time! That's where my job began. (with loads of help of course!)
  • Stage 2: Sanding and Staining beams + painting all walls white

It took me two days to sand the beams as I had never done it before, but it looks so much better afterwards. Unfortunately I made the mistake of not covering my nose and mouth on the first day, resulting in coughing and sneezing some really gross stuff. The staining part only took about a day, however I really struggled doing a clean straight line at the top of the beam that joins on to the ceiling. Painting isn't difficult but still takes time as I had to keep moving the scaffolding around.

Stage 3: Feature wall painting + varnishing skirting boards & window frames

As you may have seen from my previous post on bedroom decor inspiration, for the feature wall I was going for a nice dark gray color. This paint colour is called Poivre Satin, and we ended up doing three coats. It took some time decided on a colour for the skirting boards, but in the end I went for a varnish so it matched the floor. 

Final result!

I will do a Part 2 post with more pictures, but this is it! So happy with the final result. There are still a few things to do, the lights and eventually a hanging wardrobe, but for now I'm glad to have my own space at home! Can't wait to share more pictures soon. 
Summer x

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