11 June 2016

#BeachDayMusts with Adore Me

#BeachDayMusts on Polyvore x

It's SO great to finally have summer weather! Even if the clouds will soon be back for a short while ready for some stormy nights, I always enjoy this time of year! I can't wait to blog my summer outfits. Things are finally starting to settle after a busy couple of weeks, so we're looking forward to being more active on the blog!

This week we teamed up with Adore Me to share some of our Beach Essentials! I love going to the beach, but being a pale, sensitive being, I have to prepare my trip well.

First of all, the MOST important thing for Beach Day is without a doubt skincare/sun care. I take care of myself as best I can all year round, I don't smoke or drink, and I stick to a healthy diet and workout routine, but in the summer I give extra attention to my skin. All year round I use Murad SPF 15 oil-control moisturizer under my foundation, so my face is always covered. As soon as the temperatures go up, I make sure I use a stronger SPF product, or that I'm wearing sun cream whenever I leave the house.

I simply cannot go out in the heat without any sunscreen. I never, never tan, so for me, a day on the beach starts with a strong SPF sun cream such as Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF 30. I usually stick to a BB cream for my face, the Smashbox camera ready BB cream is SPF 30, and it's perfect. During my holiday in Florida last year I wore it on my face every single day in the sun and didn't get sunburnt once. It not only protected my skin from the sun but it also covered up any blemishes, it's still one of my favorite beauty products, such an easy go-to summer make-up look! The hat and sunnies of course offer that little bit extra protection, allowing me to actually see people without distorting my face by squinting the entire time.

I also find that after a long day at the Beach I'm exhausted from the heat and sun (as in dozing off as soon as I get in the car), so I like to have a few healthy snacks with me to keep me going. I drink alot of water every day, but it's so important to stay extra hydrated during a day out in the sun to avoid sunstroke, so obviously a couple of bottles of water are always needed.

To make the most of a day on the beach, I always make sure to bring my current read and my iPod. I recently finished the YA book series Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (I'll definitely be writing a review on it soon!), as I'm trying to wait patiently for the next installment, I would gladly read the whole series again.

I try to avoid bringing my digital camera to the beach as I'm always worried sand will get in the small gaps and damage it, so I stick with my Canon A1 film camera, which is great anyway as I prefer the outcome of film pictures.

Of course the day wouldn't be complete without the traditional beach gear (beach towels, umbrella, bikini and some sandals), and of course, a giant tote bag to keep it all in! Not forgetting the swimsuit: I had a look on AdoreMe.com and I can honestly say that their bikinis and swimwear collection is gorgeous. I hate, hate shopping for bikinis, but I found some really pretty ones on their website. I genuinely am considering buying myself a bikini from there now in time for summer. I thought I'd share a couple of my favorites to illustrate all that!

 On the Polyvore pic above I chose the Black Halter Bikini Filippa from Adore Me, the best thing about it is that it is UNDERWIRED and a proper bra size! Perfect for me as I definitely need that extra bit of support. I always feel really uncomfortable in swimwear in general, but knowing that the bikini top is a true fit always makes things much easier:

Black Halter Bikini Filippa

I also like the Black Halter Bikini Dana, the neckline is so pretty! 

Adore Me also have a great plus size collection, they offer really nice sexy lingerie for all body types, which is brilliant. (I am honestly browsing the lingerie right now considering buying some. I'm not lying, it's genuinely great).

So there you go! These are my Beach Day essentials. I can't wait to put them to use! (and as always, these are my honest and genuine opinions!).
What about you? What are your Beach Day essentials?

Hope you're all enjoying your week-end, and for those of you receiving your results, we're wishing you the best of luck!

Holly xxx

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