22 May 2016

Tight Jeans & Sheer Blouses

It's amazing how a night of rain can affect your surroundings, the stone walls of the cathedral are so dark and the dampness is so prominent in these pictures!

 Once these jeans are on, they are ON. These are the best high waisted fitted jeans I have because they are the only pair that actually reach my waist (thank heavens for Asos Tall section!) However, they aren't the comfiest. You can imagine what it's like eating in that thing. On a few occasions I thought the button might break and accidentally hit someone in the face, true Aunt Marge style.

Most of my wardrobe currently consists of smart blouses and tops, so whenever I'm going for a more casual look, I pair them with a pair of ripped jeans and my docs. I have two white sheer blouses, the one pictured here and this one that I have worn in a previous post. The fabric is so delicate, sheer with minimalist detailing: little dots of fabric which give the piece a dreamy aspect to it. The 3/4 sleeves are elasticated with a little ruffle detail, anchoring this piece in this S/S ruffle trend. The boat neckline is really flattering, just revealing the collarbones. The only issue I have with this blouse is finding the right underwear for it, trying to find pretty under-wired bralets is proving to be extremely difficult. I would suggest wearing a nude color bra instead of a white one.

As I was carrying a lot with my that day, I bought my big shopper bag and wore Holly's chunky heels with it. (All pieces listed at the end of the post!)
Summer x

Summer is wearing:
white sheer blouse with ruffle details: mango
high waist jeans with ripped knee: asos
large green city bag: urban outfitters
lace up chucky heels: zara

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