9 May 2016

The pirate blouse

We had such a lovely day when we took these. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, families were picnicking in the park, making the most of the bright Wednesday afternoon. It feels so good to go out and enjoy our free time, not having to worry about Uni assignments or presentations and exams. I've been able to somewhat establish a new schedule, getting back into my workout routine and reading some amazing books. As for my sleeping schedule, well that's a different matter. 

We took these pictures in the same location as before, the lighting is perfect thanks to the overhead structure, coating us in equal amounts of shade and direct sunlight. I'm always wary of shooting this early in the day in the sun as it doesn't always look great in pictures, but once you figure out the angles and understand the editing software, it works out great. 
All the plants and flowers add to the magical feeling of the place. There were beautiful purple flowers blossoming above us, and several little birds stopped by. Looks like this will be the backdrop to our pictures during our last month of living in this town. Where has the time gone?

Back to the outfit: I bought this blue striped blouse from Zara a couple of weeks ago for only 17 euros! I was so happy with how it looked, and I didn't own any clothes with 'pirate' sleeves (is that the right term? it should be). It's not cropped, or very fitted, so I tucked it in to my high-waisted corduroy skirt from Zara, It looks great with jeans too. I decided to wear my old lace-up boots that I bought in Camden, which have been gathering dust in my wardrobe for over a year since there is in fact a giant hole missing from the sole of the shoe, that I can't get repaired. They still do the job though, as long as I avoid wearing them in the rain!

Finally, I feel like I should mention how good the new Captain America: Civil War film is. For some reason Marvel films get released a week earlier in France, so we ended up seeing it twice in less than 24 hours. Having just finished a degree in Film Studies, I can honestly say the film didn't let me down, and it was very well done. (I'm also a huge fan of those characters in general, so seeing Bucky again was enough for me!). We're also getting lost in the 6th season of Game Of Thrones, and season 3 of Penny Dreadful, a show that deserves much more attention! 

Have a lovely week, and for those of you who are struggling through exam season, you can do it! 
Holly xxx


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