12 May 2016

Suede and Bomber: the spring jacket

As a great animated futuristic robot once said, We're back baby! Now that we have time to create more content for the blog, Holly & I decided to put our outfits in the same post for the first time in ages!

I love walking around town in the sunshine. Each little narrow cobbled street is filled with people when the sun shines, and the atmosphere varies depending on the time of day. Yet, there are always people queuing for pastries outside the small bakery across the square, most of the cafe chairs outside are filled with people chattering and of course the open book stalls are fully stocked, hundreds of books waiting to be read.  For the first time ever my wardrobe is pretty much summer ready, which means that most of my outfits aren't wearable yet because it still isn't warm enough. I debated going bare-legged this day but didn't want to risk catching a cold!

Now that it is officially jacket weather, I can finally wear my suede jackets again. I bought a biker one from Mango a few years back, and it is still one of my favorite pieces! I found this lovely suede fitted jacket in Mango a few days after my birthday and decided to treat myself, I love this color, a kind of grey-stone-taupe. This jacket is quite fitted, (I could never wear a jumper underneath it) with sharp lines and a defined collar, and the pockets on the front are REAL. I ended up wearing an all-black combo with it, a simple top from Zara and an a-line skirt from Topshop and my all time favorite DMs.

Holly is wearing the amazing dark green bomber jacket from Zara, which can make anyone who wears it feel like a bad-ass pilot from Star Wars. I find bomber jackets so versatile as they can be worn with dresses, jeans and skirts and still look great, and of course are light enough to be worn in the S/S yet still keep the lingering winter chill at bay. This one has several pockets too which is always a plus! Holly paired it with her combat lace up boots and 70s a-line Topshop skirt.

We shot these pictures outside a nearby cathedral that we often go to, the architecture is stunning and makes a wonderful backdrop for pictures!


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