30 May 2016

OOTD: the culottes (ft. f/1.4g 50mm lens)

Hello everyone!

You may notice how this post differs from our previous ones- we used a different camera + camera lens on this day, switching from our Canon EOS 700D to a Canon 70D with a f/1.4g 50mm bokeh effect lens.
The camera & camera lens belongs to our friend from University, Nico, who accompanied us on this day, letting us borrow his equipment. A fellow photographer (and twin!), Nico was intrigued and curious to see how Summer & I work as a team, and by how we go about shooting body shots/portraits of people. He watched us do our thing to get an idea of how the both of us direct the other during a shoot, it's not always easy to direct people in front of the camera, especially if you're not used to it! Watching other people work is a great way to discover new techniques; the experience benefited both sides- Nico was able to shoot people comfortable in front of a camera all-the-while watching Summer & I direct each-other.

 As you can imagine, shooting in front of anyone can be a little awkward at times, but as all of us were equally interested in photography, we just got on with it and had a great day! Summer & I finally have some new pictures of the both of us together (you'd be surprised at how often people assume this blog belongs to only one person) AND we were able to discover and play around with camera equipment we've dreamed of buying for months now. The bokeh effect lens makes a huge difference to the pictures, all focus is directed to the outfit, giving viewers a better view of the look, without the 'busy' background. Needless to say, the f/1.4g 50mm lens is next on our list!

Coming back to my outfit: I am wearing all of Summer's clothes (one of the many benefits of being a twin!). The weather was perfect for shooting- warm, slightly overcast- great weather for wearing light-weight pieces. The green culottes and oversize black blouse are both from Zara. The blouse is great because it's a silky material that falls perfectly despite the excess of material, it's soft to the touch, it easily be worn as a casual piece with shorts or a high-waisted skirt, or as a smart blouse with a pencil skirt for work. The culottes fit perfectly, complete with a big bow to draw the attention to the waist, making the outfit look very fitted (although if I'm honest, the culottes sometimes make me look shorter if I'm not wearing heels with them haha. They remind me of the Hobbit's outfit in Lord of the Rings).

In other news- Summer & I have recently got our performing arts degree from our french University! We have moved out of our beautiful apartment after 3 years, now living at home for the rest of the summer, before moving on to the next chapter!

To those waiting for their exam results, wishing you the best of luck! 

Holly xxx

Instagram: hollyxread

Summer & Holly

Holly is wearing: 

Black oversize blouse and green culottes from Zara
Suede biker jacket from Mango

& a special thankyou to Nico!


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