16 May 2016

My Future Bedroom

For the first time in over three years, I will have my own bedroom back home! The timing is perfect, as my room will be ready to move in just as I move out of my flat in town.
Although I had my own bedroom at our flat, this is the first time ever that I will have my own room at our family home in countryside, and so I have complete freedom to decorate it as I wish.

A lot of my free time has been spent looking up inspiration for bedroom interior, from urban industrial to a bit of rustic, and even some Scandinavian interior design. The finished product will most likely have elements from each of these. The color scheme will be monochrome, with one wall painted grey and the rest white. All furniture will be black, with a collection of plants throughout the room. Posters and pictures hung in black frames on the walls, along with a mirror or two. I've already bought some furniture from Ikea, and my hanging wardrobe rails are being created as we speak! I will hopefully get some more furniture over the next few weeks, and I plan on documenting it's creation. Until then, here are some interior pictures I've been using as inspiration.

I do not own any of these pictures!

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