5 May 2016

From Eden

As of May the 1st 2016, I am *officially* free of university. 3 years studying Film & Theater are over and done with. I can't believe just how quickly the past few years have gone! (and that I actually managed to stick to it and reach the finish line!) Despite a lot happening in these three years, University was the one constant anchoring me in my day-to-day life. I will receive my final results in June, meaning these next few weeks will be a sort of in-between period. Until all the big changes commence, until I move on to (hopefully) bigger and better things, I plan on enjoying these few months of freedom!

I can finally go out and shoot blog pictures without feeling guilty about it. You can actually see dust on the film camera, oops. This summer, I plan on experimenting with the camera a lot more. Most of these pictures were shot in manual, which is something I have never done on my DSLR before, which is odd as I'm no stranger to manual settings, having used a film camera too for over 3 years. I want to use my Canon to it's full potential, and improve my photography skills while I'm at it! These pictures were also edited on a different software, I decided to give Adobe Lightroom a test run as my beloved Windows Photo Gallery just wasn't cutting it for me anymore. What do you think of these pictures? Yay, nay, too edited? Don't be shy, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Spring is finally here, and I'm so glad I can finally ditch the heavy jumpers and coats. To make the most of the weather, I wore my new sheer white blouse from Mango with 3/4 sleeves and Holly's Zara taupe/grey oversize blouse. I paired these with some mom high waisted black jeans, which I always forget how unflattering they can sometimes look. Now the sun is out, I can start wearing my suede black pointy ankle boots from Mango too.

In other news, I've been enjoying tv shows and films. I've seen Civil War twice at the cinema and I'm loving Season 6 of GoT and of course the incredible Penny Dreadful is back too! I could easily write down pages and pages today, it's such a wonderful feeling being able to do something other than uni work, and of course dedicate more time to the blog which is something I have dearly missed over the past few months. Hope everyone is well and good luck for all those still preparing for exams, you got this!  Have a lovely week, Summer x

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