27 May 2016

Behind the camera

Holly & I always take pictures by ourselves. It's always tricky trying to find someone who can shoot the both of us, because of conflicting schedules or lack of material. For some time now, Holly & I have been hoping to shoot pictures where we are both in the same frame for once. I'm pretty sure some people think there is only one of us!

I always enjoy watching photographers work. Wondering whether they will give a lot of direction or not, which camera they use, which setting they prefer, even their editing process. I've become so accustomed to shooting our own blog pictures and editing them myself that whenever I see someone else's pictures of us, I'm instantly curious and blown away. I'm always open to new, different aesthetics and editing styles, and witnessing someone else's creative vision take shape in front of my eyes. 

Our friend Nico spent an afternoon shooting some pictures with us. He brought along his Canon 70D with some lenses, one of which was the beautiful f/1.4 50mm lens that I have been drooling over for months. Needless to say I enjoyed shooting with a different camera, even though I spent a while getting used to it! We also had a reflector which made a huge difference. Here are some shots Nico took of us while we shooting on his camera! Feel free to check out his website too!

Summer x


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