2 May 2016

35mm film- New York & Toronto. December 2015

My mind truly has been overrun with thoughts of University, deadlines and exams these past few weeks. So much so that I completely forgot to post these film pictures when I uploaded them not too long ago. Now with University finally over and 4 months of complete freedom ahead of me, I can finally dedicate all my time to the blog, something I've truly missed doing.

We took these 35mm film pictures on our Canon a1 during our last day of our trip to New York in December.
I had to do a double take when I saw the pictures on screen for the first time. They came out so crystal clear to the point where I questioned whether or not I mixed the file up with my digital photos. I'm so pleased with the outcome, not only do they capture the beauty of New York (and Toronto in the mist and rain), they also capture our happiness, our pure joy of being in the heart of the big apple, a dream of ours that finally came true. 

Holly x

Summer in Central Park, New York. This is my favorite picture of Summer from our trip. We were so genuinely happy to be in the park, we couldn't stop smiling at everything. We climbed the rock to take in the beautiful view, listening to the happy laughs of those ice-skating below. The Manhattan skyline truly is breath-taking. We had seen the skyscrapers through pictures and hundreds of films, but seeing it in person was a dream. 

I waited patiently to take this picture as I was determined to capture Harrison Ford's Star Wars poster on the right. We were still super excited at that point as we were going to see the film after we got back from NY. 
Times Square is buzzing with energy, there's so much going on that you almost can't see anything at all. It all blurs into one. We sat for nearly an hour on the red steps, cold but still smiling, surrounded by the noise of  hundreds of conversations in different languages and the clicking noises of the cameras.

Central Park in 35mm film. 

Central Park is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. there are so many different areas, all with their own art and character.

Alice In Wonderland, Central Park, 35mm film. 

Summer on the Bow Bridge
We were determined to see the Bow Bridge with our own eyes as it's been used in so many different films and books. Once again, the view on either side of the bridge was beautiful with great views of the New York skyline circling the park. 

Holly - JFK airport

The journey home

Well, back to Canada that is, our home during our 4 month University exchange trip. I can't even remember what this part of the airport looked like. Summer & I were so exhausted from walking around New York non stop for 4 days, my feet were constantly hurting and my face had become puffy from the lack of sleep. 

Toronto, December 2015. 

As we landed back in Toronto the city was covered in rain, reflecting all the lights of the buildings and the streets. I remember this moment so clearly, I wanted to take it all in as it was the last time we would in Toronto before we headed home back to France in the next few days after 4 months away. 


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