14 March 2016

Enjoy the view

Holly, the High-Line, NY
Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses. Sit down and just watch the world around you. It's little moments like this that bring me joy in life. Nothing beats sitting down and just watching the passers by, the taxis and the joggers, the cute little dogs hurrying alongside their companions. I could easily spend hours people watching. Our trip to New York in December was very brief and we were pretty much on our feet all day, running around and trying to take in every part of the vibrant city. However, there were a handful of moments in which we stopped and just enjoyed the moment. Standing atop the Rockefeller Tower, gazing at the city below. Sitting down and watching the boats sail back and forth to the Statue of Liberty. Watching crowds of people ice skating in Central Park. Observing the passing of cars from atop of the High Line.
Two of my rolls of film from New York didn't come out, which is quite surprising as I usually take  extreme care in loading and unloading the film. Losing a load of pictures isn't unheard of when shooting film, but it is pretty unfortunate. This may be our last roll of film taken in US and Canada during our semester studying abroad, (I still have one I haven't sent off to be developed yet!) but I'm very happy with them. They captured the memories so beautifully.

Hope you are all well! Summer x

Holly, The High-Line, NY
Holly, The High-Line, NY
Holly, The High-Line, NY
The High-Line, NY
Grand Central Library, Dec '15, NY
Summer, ft. NYPD + Holly's reflection
Central Park, NY

All pictures taken on a Canon A 1 film camera, using Kodak 35mm Film!

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