19 March 2016

Don't Shy From The Light

     I woke up one Saturday to find sunlight shining through the gaps between my shutters, and immediately got up to make the most of it! Our winter here is basically a constant grey cloud and rain for several months, with little sunlight. It feels as if spring is almost among us, with the first few trees beginning to blossom, adding a much needed splash of color to the otherwise dull surroundings.

It was our birthday week-end, and as we didn't have any other plans following the Friday, we decided to venture outdoors and make the most of the clear skies and sunshine! And spending too much money of course, couldn't deny myself a huge cookie! I also received a calligraphy set from my parents, so I decided to treat myself to a pretty note book to go along with it- I'm definitely writing a post about it soon!

It's amazing how such lovely weather can have a positive impact on everyone - it was so busy in town, with groups of musicians lining the streets and playing various instruments, filling every corner of the town with music. We decided to go to the park, which is a little bit of a walk but definitely worth it. It's very spacious, meaning that you can shoot pictures without worrying whether or not someone will walk into the shot, and it's a welcome escape from the cars and buses in town.

I wore a white lace top from Zara, with details on the sleeves and hem. I paired it with a corduroy a-line skirt also from Zara and I was finally able to wear these Mango suede boots again thanks to the sunshine! I love mixing different textures every now and then as it adds visual appeal to the overall look. As I didn't want to catch a cold, I still wore a light burgundy jacket with my trench over it too. I'm still getting used to my shorter hair too, and patiently waiting for the 'fringe' at the front to grow out so it's the same length as the rest of the hair! At the moment I have to clip it back as it's so unmanageable at that length!

Hope you're all well, and that the weather is nice wherever you are!
Summer x

Summer is wearing:
burgundy trench jacket with waterfall detail: zara
crochet lace detail white top: zara
corduroy a-line skirt: zara
suede ankle boots: mango
box bag: asos

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