11 March 2016

Chicago, London, Manhattan

I've been very fortunate to travel so much over the past two years. Although I travel back and forth to London every few months, I always appreciate how lucky I am to have family and friends that let me stay with them. Visiting the US on three different occasions since October 2014 has been a dream I'm still pinching myself about!

Holly took the first picture of me as we were on our way to downtown Chicago. The excitement and nervousness of seeing such a famous city for the first time is written all over my face! It was my first time discovering a city of that scale, with towering skyscrapers and restless streets. Holly, carrying the film camera, took the picture, resulting in a treasured memory I still think about today!

The second picture was taken in London. Whenever Holly & I return, we meet up with friends who take us to little areas of the city only a true Londoner could know about. I'm pretty relaxed in this shot, happy to be among friends in one of my favorite places on Earth! As soon as we entered the train, we looked at each other and immediately chose our seats strategically so we could recreate the Chicago picture!

The third picture is the most recent. It was our second full day in New York, and we were on our way to the financial district to see the Statue Of Liberty. This was about 5 minutes before we realized we had taken the wrong train! However, the anticipation is etched across my face. I was so, so happy at this moment.

Hopefully this little collection of train/subway pictures will continue. I can't see myself travelling anywhere new in the foreseeable future, but when I do, we'll be sure to shoot another picture.

In other news, Holly & I turned 21 today! Can't believe it aha! Hope you all have a lovely weekend x

Summer x

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