5 March 2016

Casual Saturday

Hello everyone!

Turns out Holly is no longer the twin with the shorter hair! I got about five inches of my hair cut off about two weeks ago, and I'm so happy I did! (I only wish the front wasn't so short, it looks like a fringe which is not what I wanted!) I had long hair since I was about fourteen, and as I'm turning 21 next week, I thought it was time to switch it up a little. My hair is my safety blanket, so I've always been wary of changing it, but I'm definitely open to changing it more often now. After all, it grows back!

I can't believe how long it's been since we last shot some outfit pictures. I'm currently in the rainy-grey-winter period over here, with near constant clouds covering the sun and it's COLD. This outfit is what I would be wearing if it were 10 degrees warmer outside, but I decided to brave the cold, wear some thin tights under my jeans and get on with it.

But in the meantime, here is an outfit I put together today. I love this look as it's easy to dress up or down, the delicate lace top is very sophisticated but the jeans rough the look up a bit. I can't wait for Spring to arrive so I can finally wear this jacket again, I wore it under my coat today! These jeans are also my current favorites. They're the only pair of low waist jeans I own, so whenever I wear them I feel like something isn't right! And of course, paired with my beloved ankle boots.

March is going to be a busy month. I have all my uni presentations this month, followed by my end of semester exams at uni, so unfortunately there will be a lack of activity on TTW for a while!

Hope you're all well! 
Summer x

Summer is wearing:
jeans+blouse : zara
suede peccary jacket: mango
ankle boots: topshop
bag: urban outfitters

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